Companies involved in disputes in maritime, insurance, and international trade matters had long hesitated in deciding which law firm to turn to for legal advice. These practice areas were specialized to a great degree, while the relevant principle of law was complicated and difficult so that a lawyer with a general legal training background could not competently handle matters arising from them. These days, it is widely accepted that Choi & Kim is the first and foremost choice of those companies, whether domestic or foreign, encountering challenging and difficult disputes in such area. Choi & Kim is highly regarded as the best choice.

CHOI & KIM owes the recognition we have received and the success we have experienced to the consistent support from our domestic and international clients. In return for our clients' support, Choi & Kim promises the following:

  • Firstly Firstly, Choi & Kim promises its trust. Obtaining a client's trust is everything in dispute resolution matters. We will always sincerely listen to and respond to the needs of the clients. Our lawyers have acquired the sophistication and deep working knowledge of our practice areas that enables us to make fair and just decisions and provide comprehensive answers to our clients' needs. We will always strive to be a law firm that provides the utmost professional services and will always adhere to ethical values.
  • Secondly Secondly, Choi & Kim promises to embrace challenge and to practice law with commitment. On the basis of the established theories and principles, our lawyers will always use their creative skills to formulate new ways to handle complex matters and will exercise their judgment to choose the best alternative methods to resolve disputes. Our lawyers will meticulously address all issues without overseeing any trivial clues and use their intelligence and energy to successfully resolve problems. We will never be reluctant in applying creative solutions so that we may best handle and mitigate our clients' problems.
  • Lastly Lastly, Choi & Kim promises its devotion. Our first priority is the client's best interest. Our lawyers are steeped in the tradition of providing excellence of legal practice which allows them to serve our clients with the best legal services. Our devotion to providing superior solutions to our clients will enable us to deliver high quality services at the most optimal cost.

CHOI & KIM is now about to begin a new start. We will always keep our sincere attitude and strive to provide the highest standard of legal excellence.